"I am enamored with glass as a workable medium. Its ability to freeze motion and to appear liquid in a solid state intrigues me most. My driving motivation to work with glass is the process: the heat, the smoke, and the teamwork. I am inspired by clay, a far more tactile medium, to create glass objects that invite touch and exploit the tactile quality that glass can possess." - Chris Mosey

Using molten glass, Chris Mosey tries to simulate the heat and chemistry that creates the naturally occurring phenomena known as geodes. Replicating coarse rocks that have been cracked open, he highlights the hollow cavity of shimmering crystals within. 

Truly Mesmerizing & Distinctive!!

Chris’ Geodes are incredible. They’re fire polished smooth and invite you to touch them. They are as visually striking from their back as they are from their front. Come by the gallery and see it in person! Pictures don’t do justice to such a wonderfully unique and tactile work.

A true conversation piece!

Offering Bowls -

The Offering Bowls are made out of Chris’ largest Geodes that are then permanently adhered on top of a crystal foot pedestal of polished glass stones. Add some incredible drama and distinction to your home or office today!

For more information on Chris Mosey Glass Studio and to see the rest of his portfolio: Please visit our sister site www.savannahartglass.com/ChrisMosey.html. All items shown in his portfolio are available for order.

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Back Detail

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Geodes are available for order in 3 sizes and 3 colors.

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Terra Thermal Signature Series -

Glass Geodes

If you missed our Gallery Reception and Opening w/ Chris Mosey in June - Don’t worry we’ve got a great selection of his works available for you. If you want to be sure not to miss future shows with our visiting artists email us and we’ll add your info to our mailing list! KDMiller@SavannahArtGlass.com

Geodes & Offering Bowls -

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In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Medium Rose Quartz Geode - $550

9 1/2” x 9 1/2” x 7”

Medium Rose Quartz Geode #2 - $550

10” x 8 1/4” x 6”