Since 1980, Michael Cohn and Molly Stone have shared a love of nature, process, materials and design as well as a commitment to creating artworks of the highest quality and innovation. Their Studio is one of the nation's foremost producers of award winning designer vases, decorative art pieces and one of a kind works of art. Their work has been exhibited throughout the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, Japan and South America. Their works are included in numerous museums, corporate and private collections worldwide.

“The summer of 1991 was foggy and cool. No pumpkins grew in the garden that year, but the vines produced gigantic leaves. We decided to make the pumpkins---in glass. We took the glass pumpkins outside and tucked them into the leaves where the translucencies of nature and glass combined--the garden was enchanted!" Michael Cohn and Molly Stone have been making glass pumpkins ever since, exaggerating nature's colors and forms to create unique works of art.

Larger than Life Fruits

Larger than life - Indeed!! These incredibly realistic looking fruits are a true delight to add to your collection or your kitchen!

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Georgia Peach - $350

7 1/2” x 8 1/2” x 7

Tortoise Shell Series

The process is complex—special furnaces were constructed to melt the four glasses required to make the stunning Tortoise Shell pattern. Daily testing is required to assure compatibility of the different glasses involved. In making a Tortoise Shell piece, the first step is to gather molten 2100 degree opaline luster glass onto the blowpipe and form it into an elongated bubble. This will become the inside of the piece and provide a luminescent golden glow which sparks the warmth of the Tortoise Shell pattern. Next, a milk glass layer is added, over which a special chemical mixture is applied. A very spectacular chemical reaction occurs when the next layer of small chips of a third formula of colored glass is added. The temperature and the atmosphere in the glory hole (reheating furnace) while reheating during the decorating process, are critical to obtaining the desired color and character of the design. Finally, the decorated bubble is encased with crystal clear glass and blown into its final form. Each piece is created with a unique richness and depth of patterning—a timeless combination of contemporary and classical art.

Urn - $495

11 1/2” x 8”

Green Mottled - SOLD!

8” x 7”

Red Pear - $325

14” x 7”

Collect the Best Glass Pumpkins and Fruits Made in America!

Strawberry #1 - $375

11 1/2” x 6 1/2” x 6 3/4”

In Stock & Ready

to Ship!

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Gala Apple - $325

8 1/2” x 7”

For the Apple of Your Eye!

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Mini Leaves - $36/each

Approx. 2” x 6”

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Red/Orange - SOLD!

8” x 7”

Small Pumpkins

Mini Pumpkins - SOLD OUT


Butternut Squash - SOLD!

Acorn Squash - $275

9” x 5 1/2” x 5 1/2”

Mini Squash

Mini Squash - $165/each

Currently Sold Out!

The perfect accessory for your fruit tablescapes and displays! Beautiful alone, grouped together or paired along with a Larger than Life Fruit. Many colors in stock and available. Please inquire for specific colors available.

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

In Stock & Ready to Ship!