Nourot Glass Studio has enjoyed working for many distinguished and notable clients from U.S. Presidents to Film Makers and Corporate Clients. Many aerospace and communication technology companies have worked with the artists at the Nourot studio on unique pieces. These projects, which can often be for pieces which require months of research and many trials, have been a source of inspiration and design growth. Inquire about how to have the perfect piece made exclusively for you or an award or recognition created just for your company! From annual awards to custom works, we’ve got you covered.

Nourot Glass Studio is proud to offer corporate awards in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colors. They will create awards from either reproducible styles, adding a company logo, or will fully customize an award for your company or ceremony.

The Nourot Cyde award is one of their most popular corporate pieces. Used for awards or promotions, the Cyde makes a beautiful paper weight and can be customized with company logos that are etched, painted, signed or fired on the award. In addition, a selection of wood, glass or metal bases are options.

Fountain Weights - These beautiful weights stand 6 1/2" tall, come in a variety of colors and are truly a wonderful reward for a job well done.

The Solano Trophy - When the Travis Regional Armed Forces Committee needed a perpetual award for the Air Force to honor its best units in the 15th Air Force Squadron, they came to Nourot. This unique trophy was the result. Standing nearly 30 inches tall, the Solano Trophy is assembled from a vase, a platter, and etched projections that sit on a large hollow base. Stainless steel stars signify the 20 years the award will travel among the home bases of the winners.

Ciboria - This fascinating design was commissioned by the Vatican for Pope John Paul II's Mass at Candlestick Park in December 1987. Twelve hundred communion bowls and other glass artifacts were made. Several pieces were displayed in Rome's Vatican museum.

Custom pieces are some of the favorite works for the Nourot Studio. Mixing and matching, fixing form and function for any space, whether it's a table top, well-lit alcove, or entryway. Custom is captivating!

Corporate Flame Awards - Approx. 6” x 4”

Custom Works

Corporate Awards

Whether you are rewarding yourself or others, custom hand blown art glass is limited only by the imagination. Combinations of design, color, shape and size make each piece a unique, one of a kind addition to your collection.

Custom Installations -

Morrison Glass Art, Inc.

Heliconia Growing - Commissioned for Village Books in Fairhaven, WA. Hundreds of pieces, over 30’ tall. Installed 10/04.

Lobby Screen Installation -

Commissioned for 4th Corner NeuroSurgery  in Bellingham, WA. 9’ long x 6’ high x 2’ deep. Installed 7/07.

Corporate & Custom Commissions

Epiphany Studios

Townsend Hotel Restaurant Installation

Liquid Sands is here to help you with all of your installation needs. We are locally owned and we have the right team of local professionals to call upon. From electricians to carpenters and contractors we guarantee your satisfaction. Think outside the box. Make a statement that is unique and custom to you or your company. Let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll get the ball rolling. Email us at:

or feel free to give us a call at: 912.232.3600. We’re always happy to help.

Pennsylvania Casino Installation -

Water Installation

Earth Installation

Detroit Chamber of Commerce

30” x 30” x 68”

Strategic Staffing Solutions

80” x 16” x 80”

Pfizer Inc., Round Conference Room -

The Four Elements

Water & Earth Installations

34” x 18” x 60” each

Wind & Fire Installations