Erica’s Stained glass panels are created with the same care, detail & vision of the old world Authentic Tiffany windows. Her panels are created within her own limited series, all of which are one of a kind. Each series is comprised of her own patterns and created with incredible detail and colors. Each panel takes hundreds of pieces of glass and man hours to create. Being a self taught artist, Erica knows no boundaries and defies odds with her hairline details and incredible intricacies. Using gorgeous hand rolled sheets of glass add to her panels depth and realism within each work.

“This isn’t simply stained glass - This is...Art.” - Loretta Eby Glassblower

Botanical Series

Liquid Sands is thrilled to have a collection of panels from her Botanical Series. Each panel is mounted in a low profile black frame w/  LED lights. The panels can easily be hung on any wall like a painting. Their unique lighted frames will allow light to shine through them and create your own ‘window’ on a wall effect.  They are truly stunning.  The perfect addition for any home or office! Don’t forget we can ship these too!

Musa Zebrina Rojo - (Banana Palm) - $2,495

23 3/4” x 31 1/4”

Ivy - $1,995

23 1/4” x 22 3/4”

Aspen - $1,295

22 1/4” x 20 1/4”

Erica Rollings’ incredible portfolio of past works is available for viewing on our sister site at:

Some of Erica’s other series include: The Anatomical Series, The Ornament Series and her whimsical Game Board Series

all of which still have some works available.  If you have any questions about Erica’s work please email us at: or give us a call at: 912.232.3600

Gingko (Summer) - $2,295

We couldn’t help but notice how fantastic the Bright Lime Colors in Ivy coordinated with Chris Mosey’s new Oculus work. What a great duo!

Cathedral Series

Erica’s latest body of work is comprised of 14 architectural round panels based upon Rose Windows from Cathedrals found all over the World. Stunning mastery of cut stained glass combined with cut ceramic tiles to recreate each Cathedral’s tracery. Each piece was hand cut, copper foiled and then soldered together in traditional stained glass methods. All glass pieces were cut twice with the front side being the colored glass and the back side being textured clear glass, which adds the perfect amount of shimmer to each panel when lit from behind.

tracery |ˈtrāsərē|

noun ( pl. -eries) Architecture

ornamental stone openwork, typically in the upper part of a Gothic window.

Kirkstall Abbey - $3,400

27 1/2” Diameter

643 hand cut pieces

Laon Cathedral - $4,300

27 1/2” Diameter

801 hand cut pieces

Sainte-Chappelle - $5,700

27 1/2” Diameter

951 hand cut pieces

York Minster Cathedral - $4,200

27 1/2” Diameter

763 hand cut pieces

Arthonnay - $3,200

27 1/2” Diameter

539 hand cut pieces

Church of St. Augustine - $3,200

27 1/2” Diameter

422 hand cut pieces

Church of St. Leger - $5,900

27 1/2” Diameter

1136 hand cut pieces

Church of St. Sulpice - $3,900

27 1/2” Diameter

820 hand cut pieces

Convento de San Francisco - $3,400

27 1/2” Diameter

374 hand cut pieces

Milan Cathedral - $3,500

27 1/2” Diameter

664 hand cut pieces

Notre Dame - $6,000

27 1/2” Diameter

1126 hand cut pieces

St. Mary’s Church - $5,200

27 1/2” Diameter

937 hand cut pieces

Saint Pol de Leon - $3,700

27 1/2” Diameter

685 hand cut pieces

Santes Creus - $4,500

27 1/2” Diameter

1045 hand cut pieces