Stephen Gartner and Danielle Blade have combined their talents, expertise and individual ideas to create original works in blown and sculpted glass for nearly two decades. Their work combines traditional hand blown techniques with innovative color application and original sculpting techniques. In the following works they hope to convey a reverence for and an understanding of the value of our natural resources.

The Amulet & Talisman Series - are comprised of large scale sculptural pieces and each one is a highly individual, one of a kind work. Either wall mounted on hand forged wall plates, or standing alone on a hand sculpted iron base. These pieces have the marvelous ability to transmit light in certain areas while retaining a beautiful opacity in others. The rich organic colors are manipulated into complex designs, which are then sand etched and sealed with a lustrous satin finish.

Lighting - Pendants and Shades!

Batik Pendant - $495

Small Round - 6” x 7”

Low Voltage

Price Includes Hardware of your choice

Powdered glasses from 7 different hues come together to create wild & complex patterns. The exterior of these pieces are finished in a lustrous finish. Pendant includes low voltage bulb, wire and hardware for hanging.

Strata Pendant - $495

Tangerine & Amethyst

Small Round - 6” x 7”

Low Voltage

The exterior of these lights are also finished in a smooth lustrous satin surface and the rich complementing colors are inlaid with the signature Strata design. Colors available in any color combinations of: Tangerine, Lime, Amethyst, Ruby and Cobalt. Tangerine/Amethyst pictured. Each pendant includes low voltage bulb, wire and canopy.

Small Pendants (low voltage) available in: Round 6” x 7” & Teardrop 5” x 7” - $495/each

Large Pendants (line voltage) available in: Round 7” x 8” & Teardrop 7” x 9” - $550/each

Pricing includes hardware.

Ikebana Bowls - Floral arrangement in the style of Ikebana greatly extends the life of a wide variety of cut flowers and greenery. These bowls are both beautiful and highly functional. They contain solid brass pins (frogs) adhered to the bottom for easy floral arranging.

Ikebana bowls are both beautiful & functional while allowing for great creativity. The larger size will  support a substantial bouquet of cut flowers and other greenery.

Small 5” ~ Large 7”

Most cut flowers live an average of 2+ weeks - we’ve even had some

last 3+ weeks!

For more information on Gartner/Blade and to see the rest of their portfolio - Please visit our sister site: All items shown in their portfolio are available for order. 

Please feel free to email us at: or give us a call at: 912.232.3600

Saturn Oil Lights - $85/each

5” Diameter

We’ll be happy to order specific colors and quantity for you or your event. Great for Wedding Parties and Dinner Parties! Alternate flower arrangements with Saturn Oil Lights for a stunning tablescape at your next event!

The Strata Series - is inspired by Stephen & Danielle's fascination with natural geologic formations. Starting with a dense background of rich opaque color, over which the design reminiscent of marble or rock strata is inlaid. Natural elements such as bone, antlers, wood, vines, fossils and rock formations have inspired their signature designs which include covered vessels and sculptural objects. All works are unique with their own very distinct characteristics

Closed Urn - $295

11 1/2” x 5 3/4”


Saturn Oil Lights - Named for their gorgeous optical effect when lit, these pieces reflect a beautiful ring of light on the surface beneath them. Safe and stable they contain long lasting fiberglass wicks. Funnel included.

Transparent Ruby

Out of Stock

Opaque Silver Blue

Out of Stock

Opaque Silver Black

Out of Stock

Opaque Silver Green

Out of Stock

Transparent Topaz

2 In Stock

Transparent Lime

1 In Stock!

Great gifts!

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Pendants Available in Batik or Strata Finish

The pendant lights are all one of a kind and will vary slightly from these pictured. Each light will be made to order. Let us know what you'd like to add to your home or business and we'll get them ordered and ready to install for you in a matter of a few weeks. If you need help with installation, let us know we've got a great electrician to recommend for you.

Custom Strata Shades -

Made exclusively for Liquid Sands to compliment our own designed torchiere bases that we had made locally. Strata shades are a stunning compliment to any space! Only 3 Made and only 1 Left! More coming in 2012!

Amethyst Strata Shade - SOLD!

Shade w/ Base - SOLD!

Shade and base may be purchased separately

Trident Torchiere

Made Locally in Savannah! Buy Local!

Amethyst Shade when unlit.

Black Strata Shade - $595

Shade w/ Base - $895

Shade and base may be purchased separately

Red Ikebana - Sold!

5” Diameter

Currently out of stock!

Blue Ikebana - Sold!

5” Diameter

Currently out of stock!

Traditional Urn - $295

10 1/2” x 5 1/2”


Primitive Bowls - Organic shapes and tactile sand etched surfaces combined with glossy jewel tone interiors create a stunning contrast in these elegant pieces.

Interior colors available in: Wine Red, Blue Amethyst, Lime, Topaz, Red Amethyst, Aurora and Aqua.

Pick your colors, shape and size to coordinate w/ your interiors. Great task lighting! Gorgeous when lit and unlit ~ double bonus!

Primitive Bowl - $250

3 1/2” h x 7 3/4” d


While these weren’t intended to sit on their side, we happened to find a sweet spot on this particular one that allows it to sit at an angle and allow you easy viewing of the inside. We also love the light play through on the back side. The fun you can have with art glass!!

The Arbor Series

Medium Arbor Sculpture - $895


15” l  x 7” w x 9” d

In Stock & Ready

to Ship!

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Talisman - $3,195


26”  h x 11” w x 4 1/2” d

32” h x 7 1/2” d on table stand

Green Ikebana - Sold!

5” Diameter

Currently out of stock!

We’ll have more soon!