SINCE 1975 Victor Chiarizia has explored many facets of glassmaking, including blown, flameworked, cast, etched and sandblasted. Today, Chiarizia's sculptural works express his thoughts about life, growth and renewal in art glass comprised of two distinctive techniques--hot glass and flameworked glass with vitreous fired-on enamels. Profound images from Chiarizia's Italian-American background coupled with a boundless imagination give an earthy yet surreal style to much of his work.

Alto Series - In an effort to create works that have the look and feel of Victor's more technically advanced works with Incalmo & Reverse Incalmo but without the physical difficulty & higher price points, Victor created The Alto Series. Stunning works in a myriad of gorgeous jewel tones. Great price for creating that wow statement! $995 for the Trio. $395 Individuals

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Victor Chiarizia

Strega Alto - $395

39 1/2” tall

Tangerine Alto - Sold

37” tall

Incredible new works now in stock including Victor’s one of a kind Botanicals!!

In Stock & Ready

to Ship!

Merlot Alto Trio - $995

4” wide x 35”, 37” & 39” height

Currently out of stock!

Curvasi Series

Steel Blue Curvasi - $775

42 1/2” h x 5 1/2” w

Currently out of stock!

Always happy to order for you!

Tangerine Curvasi - $775

41 1/2” h x 5 1/2” w

Currently out of stock!

Always happy to order for you!

Steel Blue Tempest - $695

22 1/2” h x 7 1/2” w

Currently out of stock!

The Incalmo Technique

The incalmo technique was developed by Venetian master glassblowers approximately 500 years ago and has traditionally been used to create horizontal bands of color in blown glass. It involves making "cups" of colored glass which are connected together. Steps 1 through 5 of the sketch below illustrate the process of making and assembling the cups. Step 6 shows a variation of the technique, known as reverse incalmo. It involves piercing a hole on the side of the assembled cups and attaching them to another blow pipe. The artist then gathers more glass and forms the piece into the desired shape. Incalmo is a technically complex and physically demanding technique to use. An artist must be a proficient glass blower and dedicated to the process in order to master it.

The Reverse Incalmo -

Chiarizia has adapted the reverse incalmo technique to create vertical and diagonal bands of color in his work. His innovative use of a traditional process results in designs that are quite unique. With the addition of vibrant colors, the artist creates a body of work with strong visual impact.

**Victor has discontinued his Incalmo works in 2013. Collect some of the very last of Victor’s stunning Incalmo vessels. Several still available at Liquid Sands.

Once they are gone, they will not be remade! Don’t miss out on a chance to own a true collector’s item that you will truly cherish for generations!**

The Aurora Series

Amethyst & Cognac Aurora - $1,550

23 1/2” h x 8” w

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Blue Caned Aurora - $1,650

23 1/2” h x 8” w

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

With each sculpture in the series, Chiarizia invites viewers into the gardens of his mind, where eyes peer out from blossoms, and where skulls dangle off vines like grapes ripening in the sun. The sculptures' imaginative imagery is achieved with flameworked glass that clings to a ruggedly organic blown glass vessel. While most flameworked glass is transparent, Chiarizia instead uses multiple applications of vitreous fired-on enamels to render blossoms, human hands, leaves and other elements rich in color and luminosity.

Nature, fantasy, and the subconscious mind inspire Chiarizia in his work. His fondness for botanicals stems from his Italian heritage. Childhood memories of fig trees and flowers bursting open in a summer garden have given way to a wondrous new genre of glass sculptures such as My Father's Figs and Gaia in the Night Sky (2002 NICHE Award). Provocative sculptures such as Emergence of the Maker (2001 NICHE Award), the startling Past Lives with Skullberries (published in Contemporary Glass: Color Light and Form / Guild Publishing), and The Optimist (2004, New Glass Review 25 Award) are visual narratives of humanity and convey emotions through gestural imagery. Chiarizia's boundless imagination and exploration of surrealism and fantasy come together in fantastic and abstract sculptures such as The Enigma of Fulfillment (2004, Museum of Art and Design Award).

The organic aspect of the Botanical series serves as a metaphor for life, including the potential for growth and renewal. "Each sculpture reveals its own story. In my imagination, I journey to a place where dark passages lead to splendid beauty. My sculptures are the discoveries; living, breathing creations that often take on human characteristics. The lines between nature, humankind, and fantasy have been blurred and the deeper I explore, the more wonderful the world becomes."

The Botanical Series - by Victor demonstrates his mastery in two distinct glass disciplines: Glassblowing combined with an intricate flameworking process. The sculptures express an aesthetic and technical presence that reveals Chiarizia's expertise in blown glass, a career that spans nearly forty years. From both technical and aesthetic points of view, Victor Chiarizia's Botanical Sculptures are considered to be important work in American art glass. All Original One of a Kinds. Don’t miss out on a chance to own an Original Botanical!

All Seeing Trumpet - $1,995

13” h x 7” w x 7” d

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

New Morning Awakening - Sold!

13” h x 8” w x 7 1/2” d

Morning Glory - $4,495

21 1/2” h x 8” w x 7 1/2” d

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

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